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during all our photographs the most shocking pictures are in the following link below. we want people to notice these murals, and for the community for try and preserve the murals, so our struggle will be remembered – adrian

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Here is a photo of the mural on Allport painted by Roy Villalobos

cat nommies

and one of the local cats maintaining the edges.

Benito Juarez HS_1975

We are very excited to be in communication with the artist responsible for this piece at Juarez High School. He has been posting comments and we hope to help support a repainting of this work.

I recently went out and took pictures of some of the murals that are located around Dvorak Park. Now I am not saying that these murals are in horrible condition, but some of the walls are crumbling and the paintings are chipping away. You can find pieces of the mural on the floor and although the designs are still viewable, it is a problem because instead of the murals fading like most are in pilsen; they are falling and they are gaps everywhere.


This was a picture I thought was amazing.  I am interested in wierd things having a meaning behind them.  This caught my attention while I was at the Pink Line train stop on 18th.  I don’t like the way I took the picture though.  This and a couple of others are the only ones that look anywhere near mint condition.  However, to be honest this doesn’t look new to me but you be the judge!

For our project we are going to end up covering the Lower Westside which includes Pilsen and Heart of Chicago. This is an important distinction since we know a lot of people want to make it seem like Pilsen runs from the lake all the way to Cicero.

But it doesn’t!

Please see Wikipedia link

Just sayin’

so blogging is sort of new to us and were basically going to be documenting the murals in pilsen. so you will be hearing from us often, and seeing what we can do to either fix or rebuild the murals.