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We will be exhibiting our work at La Fogata Village 1820 S. Ashland in Chicago

starting April 9 from 6 to 9 pm. Please join us if you can


during all our photographs the most shocking pictures are in the following link below. we want people to notice these murals, and for the community for try and preserve the murals, so our struggle will be remembered – adrian

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its sad to see how badly some of the works have faded, I hope this raises more awareness to their condition


This piece is on 18th and Racine painted by Aurelio Diaz

Some more stuff had been painted since I took the picture. Unveiling of the mural was on the 11th of August. Really cool new mural.Declaration of Immigration(r)

“The Declaration of Immigration mural class partnered young artists with teaching artist Salvador Jimenez to conceptualize and create a 2 story high x 30ft wide mural on the Southwest exterior wall of the Yollocalli Arts Reach/Radio Arte shared building.

The mural is a visual dedication to all immigrants and allies who have marched hundreds of thousands of miles to advocate for fair legislation for immigrants and who have stood strong in the face of anti-immigrant rhetoric. Declaration of Immigration looked at some of the historic and current issues affecting immigrant communities and serve as a reminder that the United States of America was founded on emigration and settlement.”


by Hector Duarte and some of his colleagues.this is just a piece from an actual larger painting that was done

DSCN2991 this is what murals should look like, i love this one because it is so detailed and has much meaning to the neighborhood of Pilsen.
rancho alegre my favorite mural in Pilsen, if this mural was able to get restored  imagine what we can do to the other murals.

This is painted on the building that housed Hector Duarte’s Studio. Hector has worked on a lot of murals in Chicago and in Mexico as you can see on this link


villa and zapata

rancho alegre

by: charales.

please respect

Pretty self explanatory.  This is one of the walls at the el station on 18th. It’s fading but still.  PLEASE RESPECT MAN!


Here is a photo of the mural on Allport painted by Roy Villalobos

cat nommies

and one of the local cats maintaining the edges.

Pro Arts_Various Students_1983

This image was sent to us by the Chicago Public Art Group from their slide archives.

This was one of the early murals done by Pros with children from the neighborhood.

Benito Juarez HS_1975

We are very excited to be in communication with the artist responsible for this piece at Juarez High School. He has been posting comments and we hope to help support a repainting of this work.


This was a picture I thought was amazing.  I am interested in wierd things having a meaning behind them.  This caught my attention while I was at the Pink Line train stop on 18th.  I don’t like the way I took the picture though.  This and a couple of others are the only ones that look anywhere near mint condition.  However, to be honest this doesn’t look new to me but you be the judge!